• 123 HP DJ 3635 Wireless setup

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123 HP DJ 3635 Wireless setup

  • Connect your computer to the router in which you are going to connect your hp deskjet 3635 printer wirelessly.
  • Make sure the router and the computer are connected wirelessly to the active network connection.
  • Unbox your 123 HP DJ 3635 printer and remove the packing materials.
  • Now, connect the power cord to the printer and to the electrical outlet.
  • Power on your printer and install the ink cartridges in the cartridge holder.
  • Once the ink cartridges are installed properly, the printer is ready to use.
  • Then, load papers in the paper tray.
  • Place your hp deskjet 3635 printer near the computer and the router to get quick network access.
  • In your computer, insert the software installation CD and download and install all the softwares and drivers of your hp deskjet 3635 printer.
  • Otherwise, download and install the hp deskjet 3635 printer’s softwares and drivers from the hp support.
  • Double click on the driver to start the driver installation in your computer.
  • Select your hp deskjet 3635 printer from the printer list that drops down.
  • Select wireless connection and then click continue.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the hp desktop 3635 printer wireless setup.

Your hp deskjet 3635 printer is setup wirelessly. For any doubts, click 123.hp.com/dj3635.

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