• 123 HP OJPRO 7720 Driver Install Windows

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123 HP OJPRO 7720 Driver Install Windows

  • Unbox and physically setup your 123 HP OFFICE JET PRO 7720 printer.
  • Power on your printer and connect it to the network connected Windows OS computer, using the USB cable provided (network connection is must for driver installation).
  • If your OS is Windows 10, then the built in software will automatically detect the softwares and drivers available for your printer.
  • You must follow the on screen instructions to complete the software installation.

If your system is some other Windows OS, the follow the instructions below:

  • Power on your physically setup 123 hp office jet pro 7720
  • Connect the power cord to the printer.
  • A prompt message will be displayed in the printer’s control panel to connect it to the system.
  • Before connecting your printer to the system, insert the software installation CD OR DVD, provided in your system.
  • Connect the printer to the system and place it close to each other.
  • The system detects your 123 hp office jet pro 7720
  • And an auto run window will open.
  • Double- click on the setup file and start the installation wizard.
  • After installation your system is ready with the printer softwares and drivers.
  • Print a test page to check. Also, you can download the softwares and drivers from hp.com/ojpro7720.


Using the print apps option, you can locate and print pre-formatted web content from your printer directly.

How to use print apps?

  1. Choose print apps to use it on your 123 HP officejet pro 7720 Setup printer.
  2. From the list of apps available, select the one you want to use.

How to manage print apps?

Print apps can be managed using HP Connected. Users can add, configure or remove any print apps. You can also set the order in which they appear on your printer display screen.

How to switch off print apps?

  1. Click on HP ePrint on the printer’s control panel display screen.
  2. Select Settings and then choose Apps.
  3. Now, tap on Off.

How to remove web services?

Follow the below mentioned steps to remove web services from your printer.

  1. Click on the HP ePrint option on the printer’s control panel display screen.
  2. Now, tap on Settings.
  3. From the options listed, choose Remove Web Services.

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