123.hp.com – HP Printer Troubleshooting


  1. Ensure that the printer’s power cord is connected to a working electrical socket.
  2. Also, check the Schedule On and Off feature which will switch off the printer based on the time you set.


  1. Double Check if you have used unused plain papers in the output paper tray.
  2. If colored paper is placed in the input tray, the printhead alignment fails.
  3. If the printhead fails repeatedly, clean the printhead.
  4. If the problem is still not resolved, contact the toll free number on our site.


When paper is not picked up from a tray

  1. Ensure that enough paper is placed in the input tray.
  2. The paper-width guides should be adjusted to the size of the paper you are loading.
  3. It is important that the guides should hold the stack of paper and should not be tight.
  4. The papers in the tray should not be curled.
  5. Uncurl the paper by twisting it in the opposite direction.

When pages are skewing

  1. The paper loaded in the tray should be aligned with the paper-guides. If not, reload the paper and adjust the paper width guides.
  2. Load the paper or envelope to the paper tray only when it is not printed.
  3. If necessary, remove and replace the duplexer.

When multiple pages are being picked up

  1. The paper width guides should be adjusted according to the size of the paper you are loaded. The guides should not be tight.
  2. Your input tray should not be overloaded with paper.
  3. Use of HP paper will guarantee you optimum performance and efficiency.

When the printer cannot read the memory device

  1. The memory device you have enters should support the printer.
  2. It should be fixed into the slot properly.
  3. Ensure that the switch in the memory device is set in the position so that the content in it can be read.

When the printer is not printing (nothing prints)

  1. If print jobs are stuck in the print queue, then cancel all the documents in the queue and reboot the computer. Try printing a page after the reboot process is done.
  2. If your printer switches off during printing, then an alert message should pop up on your computer screen. If it doesn’t, then there is a problem in the HP software that you have installed. Uninstall the software and reinstall it to avoid further problems.
  3. It is always imperative to check if all the cable connections are secure and tight. If any connection is loose, replace it with a new cable.