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123.hp.com/amp100 Troubleshooting

Paper jam is an issue cause due to improper alignment of papers with the paper tray of your HP AMP 100 printer. Paper tray is a part of printers which hold the stack of papers, thereby helping the printer to intake the required papers for printing whenever the printer is performing a print. One of the problems that arise during this process is that the papers might get stuck in between the paper tray and the roller. To minimize this and to carefully take the paper out in case this happens, follow these following guidelines.

  1. If you encounter a paper jam, cancel the current printing job and switch off the printer.
  2. Slowly remove the paper stuck in the printer.
  3. Check the interior where the paper rests in the HP AMP 100 printer (paper tray) for dirt, foreign objects and any bits of papers and remove those.
  4. Open the paper tray door and widen the paper tray.
  5. Move the paper width guides to their last position.
  6. Fill up the paper tray with a stack crumble less paper and push the papers into the tray till it reaches the last point.
  7. Locate the paper width guides at the position where they rest against the paper.
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