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HP AMP 130 Printer is a printer perfect for the current students and office goers. If you are searching for a perfect home use, then this HP AMP 130 Printer is a perfect fit for you. This printer is packed with wonderful features like inbuilt speaker and microphone with which the users can hear music and even connect their mobile phones and make calls over this inbuilt speaker and microphone. Other than these features, the printer is also added a USB port with which you can charge your mobile device while using the printer. The HP AMP 130 Printer is a wireless printer which can print wirelessly using many applications such as ePrint, allows you to use the Web services to print documents from HP ePrint application which is downloadable from Play Store and App Store. Cloud printing, which helps you to print documents in your drive without transferring them to the computer your printer is interfaced.  AirPrint, the wireless printing feature in Apple devices. There are many more features which you can use for printing wirelessly.

HP AMP 130

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HP AMP 130 Hardware setup

The HP AMP 130 Printer – the best home use printer is very easy to set up. This printer can be bought from the leading electronic shops and even from HP retail shops. They are the very latest printer models from HP. Other than the retail shops, you can also order the printer online, from Amazon or Best Buy. After buying your HP AMP 130 Printer, carefully follow the upcoming steps for a perfect hardware Setup.Your HP AMP Latest Driver and Manuals Download From 123.hp.com/setup 130 or 123.hp.com/amp130.

  1. Remove the tapes carefully and safely remove the printer from the cardboard box.
  2. Save the box for any future use (Like transporting your printer).
  3. Now remove any sellotapes on the printer and give the connections as specified in the HP AMP 130 printer’s manual.
  4. Before connecting the printer and your computer, download the driver software from ‘123.hp.com/amp130’.
  5. Complete the installation process by following instructions from the installation wizard.
  6. After installing the software, the HP AMP 130 printer setup can be done easily.
  7. Now, Connect your printer and computer when the application prompts you.
  8. Power on the printer.
  9. Check the latest ink levels in your cartridge by using the HP application downloaded on your computer.
  10. If the ink levels are low, then it needs to be refilled.
  11. Once connected, you can check by printing a document.
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HP AMP 130 Software Setup

Every printer needs to be set up with Software as well as hardware. Printers, even every peripheral device that needs to be interfaced with the main computer needs to be set up software wise. A driver is a computer program that is an objective and key piece of programming of any periphery devices that must be installed on the main computer for the printer to work at the same rate with the computer. It is basically a code which helps the correspondence between PC’s operating system and the periphery device’s operating system. The following steps help you to set up Driver software for your computers or laptops.

  1. Go to 123.hp.com/amp130 website. You can see a 123 HP AMP 130 Setup webpage.
  2. Use this website to download the driver software required for your HP AMP 100 printer.
  3. From the downloaded location, double click on the downloaded file.
  4. When the computer asks you to choose to allow or to deny the application downloaded from the internet, click on Allow.
  5. Run the application.
  6. Follow the instructions from the application on the installation wizard.
  7. If any error occurs during the installation, check your firewall.

HP AMP Printer Paper jam issues

Paper jam is an issue cause due to improper alignment of papers with the paper tray of your HP AMP 130 printer. Paper tray is a part of printers which hold the stack of papers, thereby helping the printer to intake the required papers for printing whenever the printer is performing a print. One of the problems that arise during this process is that the papers might get stuck in between the paper tray and the roller. To minimize this and to carefully take the paper out in case this happens, follow these following guidelines.Your HP AMP Latest Driver and Manuals Download From 123.hp.com/setup 130 or 123.hp.com/amp130

  1. If you encounter a paper jam, cancel the current printing job and switch off the printer.
  2. Slowly remove the paper stuck in the printer.
  3. Check the interior where the paper rests in the HP AMP 130 printer (paper tray) for dirt, foreign objects and any bits of papers and remove those.
  4. Open the paper tray door and widen the paper tray.
  5. Move the paper width guides to their last position.
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