• HP Envy Printer


HP Envy Printers Model

HP Envy printers are capable of print, scan, photo and copy. HP envy printers are completely wireless and can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network within few minutes. These Envy printers are all attractive and small in size. These are the all-in-one printers which works faster and nicely to all our expectations.

    Some of the HP Envy printers are capable of faxing and web connected. You can connect easily with your smartphones, laptops, computers and other devices within some time by following simple steps.

    HP Envy printers can read media directly from your computer, USB drives, and SD cards, with an on-board editing screen to get things just perfect before printing or sending. With an optional Wi-Fi-enabled model, you can grab photos directly from your smartphone.

   This allows you to send or scan right from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are, with access to your printer. Whether you want vibrant, glossy physical prints of your digital photos, need to scan cherished old memories, or want to manage your photos between your smartphone, your computer, the web, and a printout, the HP Envy printer gives you the all-in-one functionality that you need.

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