• HP Printer Mac Setup


HP Printer Mac Setup

The platform on which the Macs run is built using Unix software which is the most sought after and secure type of operating system. Since this type of OS is very high level, many security troubles which happens at other operating systems does not happen for Mac users and are more versatile and lasts longer than many windows computers.. Macs are  computers which are part of the Apple family, running MacOS. The whole process of installing the driver software is simplified in this type of computers. Also the whole process is fast. This is because, the operating system of these computers (i.e., Mac OS) are built in simple language and are not very complex. The printer driver installation steps are shown below.

  1. Open your printer box and assemble them as per the instructions from the manual.
  2. On your Mac find any pre-installed printer drivers and uninstall them. This step is just a precaution so that, when you install the driver software of your printer, it works without any issues.
  3. You can download the software of the printer from the HP Printers website.
  4. Your  downloaded file will be located at downloads folder of your Mac. 
  5. Click on it to run it.
  6. Once you run it, your computer ok you whether to trust the application which has been downloaded from the internet,  click on Allow.
  7. Your file starts to run.
  8. Once the application had run, you can check whether its installed, by opening System Preferences→Printers and Scanners.
  9. If the driver was installed, you can see the name of the printer in this window.
  10. You can check your printer by printing a document from your computer.
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