• HP Printer Windows Setup


HP Printer Windows Setup

Windows runnning PCs and laptps are more than any other operating system. Since they are very user friendly, still many people love to buy Laptops powered by Windows. For setting up your printer with your computer for the first time, follow the upcoming steps.

  1. Driver is a key software of any printer. It needs to be installed on your computer because, this driver software acts as a link between the printer and your computer and soothes the dialog between them, thereby making channel of communication between these both devices free without any lagging and troubles. IYou can download the software of printer from the HP Printers website.
  2. After downloading the application, run it.
  3. You can find the downloaded file at the location where you saved when the computer prompted you.
  4. Run it and follow the steps as specified by the installation window.
  5. When asked connect your printer and computer with the USB cable. 
  6. If the driver is not running, then check your firewall (if any is installed) and change its settings to allow this driver. This happens sometimes because the firewall will think that this new software might be a threat to the computer and block it.
  7. If you encounter errors again, even after changing the settings of firewall, then check your control panel for any pre-installed drivers of old printers, if any driver is present, then uninstall them and run the driver software again.
  8. Check by printing a document.
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